Remembering 9/11

9/11 had a tremendous impact on my life. Previous to that, I had been living quite a selfish life. Thinking mostly of myself, not giving a whole lot of consideration to God, my family…my health. That morning that the towers fell it seemed like the needle came off the record. Everything stopped. The mighty Twin Towers that, growing up in NJ I had looked at millions of times, gone to on trips, my dad had actually worked on as a young union plumber – we’re GONE. Just like that.

Thousands of people who went to work that day, never expected it to be their last yet it was.

It made me immediately realize that hope cannot be in this life, the only place where I can put my trust is in something…someone…that can never fall. God is the only one who is eternal, and he was calling me again to put all my trust and hope in Him thru His Son, Jesus Christ. Shortly thereafter I recommitted my life and started on the path of following Jesus.

MIke-cross-tattOne of my tattoos is of the cross at ground zero. I was simply in awe that in the midst of all that twisted metal, rubble, utter destruction – there stood a cross. As if God was saying…I’m still here. Evil did this, but I’m still here, trust in me because I’m above all evil and death. Yes…our God gives us Hope that goes beyond death for life eternally with Him!

Below are some iPhone pics that I snapped while walking all the way around Ground Zero. I was in lower Manhattan for a meeting and I got there early so that I could sort of take it all in, and it over comes me every time.

Never forget.

…but always remember, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” — John 10:10



4 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11

  1. 9/11
    I could not help but to remember that day in our Nation when all scences were somber in disbelief. One must remember not to become caught-up in any prevailing theories.
    This invisible evil has not isolated our Nation nor has it irradicated our love for Freedom. But we must never forget that day which captivated hearts all over the world.
    And to remember our Soldiers who have lost their lives while fighting for this Freedom. So, this chaos may never happen again in the Land of the Free, and Lady Liberity may never shed another tear.
    Thank You Tattoo and Joy.

  2. 9/11

    We remember those who lost their lives that day as they ran into the Twin Towers while trying to save others but who only to become a victim themselves. Some were saved and we are enormously grateful. The lost of lives that day were great in numbers.

    We reach out to those who lives was altered that day, the families, the loved-ones and friends; to the Firefighters, the Police, EMS, and others who ultimately tried in vain to protect those in harms way but met an approaching mass of death, metal and dust.

    This catastrophic event will never be forgotten, the day evil entered our Nation
    with their violent and radical philosophy and tried to bring down a Nation that stands tall and the Land of the Free.

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