The insanity of this morning

Against my better judgment, I tried to do some pre-work erranding.  Normally, I like to get in the office around 8am and ease my way into the work day…catch up on all the blogs, e-mails, postings, voice mails, etc…before everyone else gets in.  🙂

As I’m going to Worship God 09 tomorrow, I’m trying to get ahead of things today…I have a date night with Melanie tonight, so I don’t really want to be running around doing stuff tonight.

  1. Arrive in lovely New Providence a little before 8am
  2. Drive to bank to get cash/deposit last gig check
  3. Find out bank doesn’t open until 8:30am
  4. Go attempt to get car washed at car wash #1
  5. Find out car wash #1 does not take credit cards/check cards (see “bank” above)
  6. Go to CVS to get notebook for conference and some Zone bars and cash
  7. Proceed back to car wash #1 – realize they do not clean the inside, and this car wash is akin to a dude holding a garden hose and an SOS pad. Too late to back out now as I’m already in “the track”
  8. Pay $7.50 for the worlds worst car wash, get somewhat angry. Repent of anger over a stupid car wash repeatedly
  9. Proceed to hardware store in a vain attempt to find something to improve worlds worst car wash, not really sure what that would be
  10. Decide (rationalize) that I really should go to car wash #2 to fix the mess car wash #1 made, as I will be in the car for upwards of 10-12 hrs with my friend Pat so out of Christian love and brother hood, I need to clean my car
  11. Proceed to car wash #2, go in wrong way for lack of signage, employees laugh at me
  12. Proceed to correct entrance of car wash #2, find lovely assortment of highly priced full service car washing services, including the interior
  13. Experience possibly the best car wash ever (well for $20, it certainly should be)
  14. Briefly bask in the glory of a shiny and fine smelling automobile
  15. Proceed back to bank, now well past 8:30 and open
  16. Get cash and deposit gig check
  17. Get into office just before 9am, purge self of this crazy morning thru this blog post
  18. Resume last day in the office this week, already in progress

2 thoughts on “The insanity of this morning

  1. I think I have one of those morning almost every day. Not always to that extreme, but there’s always something that doesn’t work out, mostly because of my own stupidity, or because of sin. See you at WG09.

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