WorshipGod09 – Day 1


Day 1 – Worship God —

Alls I’m sayin is…things really couldn’t have be going any better.  Seriously, it’s astounding how God is at work.

My man Pat all fresh-faced and registered with his shiny new binder
My man Pat all fresh-faced and registered with his shiny new binder

Look at the good vs. “bad” so far…


  1. Woke up at 4:59am when my alarm was set to go off at 5:00am
  2. Left the house on time
  3. Didn’t forget any of my chargers for any devices
  4. Met my boy Pat on time and left on time
  5. Stopped for 1 pee break and 1 coffee break and STILL got her in exactly 5 hours with next to no traffic whatsoever
  6. Able to check into the hotel early
  7. Free coffee 24hrs a day at hotel
  8. Free wireless internet at hotel
  9. Free cookies at hotel
  10. Free fruit breakfast at hotel
  11. Great lunch at Taco Bell
  12. Made it back to church perfectly on time for first session with Bob Kauflin
  13. Bob walked in, immediately shook our hands and introduced himself, and made a reference to my Twittering and my blog
  14. GREAT Seminar with Bob!
  15. Now back at cool hotel before dinner
  16. PIPER is speaking tonight
  17. NA band is doing worship tonight
  18. Did I mention that I’m at this hotel on my Marriott points?!!!


Bob Kauflin at the first seminar...words of wisdom everywhere...
Bob Kauflin at the first seminar...words of wisdom everywhere...
  1. Forgot nail clippers
  2. Forgot my little beard trimmer thing
  3. No coffee at church

Can’t wait for Piper…I’ll share more later.  🙂


4 thoughts on “WorshipGod09 – Day 1

  1. OK… WAIT WAIT WAIT! I was good until item 11. You are clearly on cloud 9 if you would make such a ridiculous statement…”Great lunch at Taco Bell”. Has it been more than 15 minutes?! Then hold the accolades and wait a few minutes more. No doubt you will be missing some of the “pre-conference seminar” at 1pm with our dear brother BK (and I ain’t talkin Burger King! 😉

    Oops… I should have finished reading your list. I feel ashamed to have questioned you my “ruEling elder”… BK made reference to your twittering and your blog?…hmmm, maybe he isn’t as deep and grounded as I first thought(grin). JK… jk. You know I’m still pale green with envy that I was dealing with 3 hrs of lost AutoCAD work while you…. well anyway, I’m settling down a bit now.

    As for JP tonight… well don’t get me going again!!

    Listen well brother! and bring it home to us here at GPBC@!

    P.S. what beard!? 😉

  2. ummm.. while I’m commenting (so freely ;)… maybe you could just ask your fav dude to come visit the dark of NJ?… I think the elders would make room in the sermon schedule for some insight into worship. (I am ripe with questions re Sov. Grace and gift of the Spirit in the Church.)

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