Poll: When is the best time for you to rehearse?

Let’s do a poll, shall we?

If you are on the GP Worship Team – we are going to be starting weekly rehearsals – to go over only the music for the coming Sunday.  We will keep it to an hour as best we can.

  • Singers: If you are on the schedule to sing  that coming Sunday – you will be sent the list of songs, please review them ahead of time and please attend the rehearsal!  🙂
    • If you aren’t on the schedule to sing that coming Sunday – you don’t have to come, but are certainly welcome to!
  • Worship Leaders: you would only have to attend rehearsal on the week’s you lead, but again, you are always welcome! 
  • Pianists: you would only have to attend rehearsal on the week’s you play
  • Band members: sorry – we don’t have too many of you – so you need to be at rehearsal each week!
  • Sound Techs/PPTs: Please try to attend, we can talk on a week by week basis, but your feedback below is very valuable.

So, here is a poll – please click the time that works best for you, if another time works better, please select “None of the Above” and then put your preferred time in a “Comment” below.

Thanks all! 

Looking forward to seeing you on our kick off on Friday Oct 2 at 7pm at the church!



6 thoughts on “Poll: When is the best time for you to rehearse?

  1. The way things are going at work…I will have a tough time making a Thursday night practice. Friday right after work is the best for me with Sat. morning a distant second.

  2. I would have to agree with Pat. Friday evening would be best, although it would be very unlikely that I could be to the church any earlier than 6:30.

  3. My schedule is always changing do to work & I play with 2 other bands.If you have a regular rehearsal night I’ll do my best to accomadate

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