Modeling Obedience and Worship

OK folks, we are well into Genesis – today was Genesis 22-24.  So much good stuff in here!  I almost didn’t know what to write about, but I’m going to write about the part that hit me the hardest.   The part about Abraham’s servant and how he went to secure a wife for Issac – Genesis 24.

Surprised?  I was…that’s kind of  a weird thing to be hit so hard by.  It was a little embarrassing, I had a tear in my eye when I was done reading it.  Good thing I was by myself in the man cave.

Abraham’s servant was in charge of everything he had, and we know from the Bible that he had a LOT.  The Lord has blessed Abraham with a lot of possessions, servants, even camels.  From what I understand camels were a sign of true wealth in that day, as they were not that prevalent.

OK, so Abraham is  a bit of a nomad at this point, and it is very important to him that his son, Isaac, marry a wife from his homeland – not where he is now.  He trusts his faithful and unnamed servant to go and do this for him.  The faithful unnamed servant goes and does exactly as Abraham has instructed him, obeys him to the T.   The plan goes off perfectly.  Hannibal from the A Team would be very very proud.

I think what struck me is the enormity of this task – he cannot mess this up – this is HUGE.  His master is asking him to find a suitable wife for his son, the heir.  He has to go on a journey, bring all the camels, all the stuff, the gifts he will bring, everything and he has to represent Abraham well and find the right girl.

Why does he succeed?  I think 2 things hit me –

1-He knows his role and gives honor to God. He knows that he is trusted with everything Abraham has and is determined to honor him. But above that he is determined to honor God.   The secret sign for the right girl is whether or not she will give the camels a drink when the servant asks her for water. Yes – it’s slightly comical, but it really does reveal a lot about someone’s character, right? I took it as a sign of a heart oriented towards others,  in true humility and servanthood… but when Rebekah does offer to water the camels as well – what does the servant do?  He worships God.

22When the camels had finished drinking…26(AV) The man bowed his head and worshiped the LORD 27and said, “Blessed be the LORD,(AW) the God of my master Abraham, who has not forsaken(AX) his steadfast love and his faithfulness toward my master. As for me, the LORD(AY) has led me in the way to the house of my master’s kinsmen.”

2-He has seen obedience modeled by Abraham – remember Abraham is the guy whom the Lord said “GO” and didn’t even tell him where to go and Abraham obeyed.  Remember – Abraham is the fellow whom God instructed to sacrifice his son, Isaac. His HEIR. The one he waited YEARS for and prayed for and God provided for him and Sarah when they were well beyond normal child-bearing years- Abraham was ready to do that too.  He must have just oozed obedience to GOD to his entire household. He must have also oozed worship for God (see #1)

Do I?

Do I model Godly obedience and worship?

Perhaps that’s what got me.  Do I model obedience to God in everything that I do, the small stuff and the HUGE stuff?  Will my children obey God without a second thought maybe because of my leadership and modeling of obedience?

Do I worship at home each and every day? or just when I’m on stage?

Will my kids think worship = music or worship = life?

Men, we are called to be the leaders, the spiritual leaders of our homes. Part of that is modeling the gospel to our families.  Modeling forgiveness, grace, love, sacrifice, modeling worship, faithfulness to God, and God’s plan no matter what.

Modeling obedience and worship…like Abraham did for his faithful unnamed servant.


One thought on “Modeling Obedience and Worship

  1. I doing the same plan, your posts are encouraging, Mike- I didn’t even pick up on that. That servant’s attitude of worship is inspiring.
    I was struck by the near sacrifice of Isaac in 22 and how great of a foreshadowing that was for Christ.

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