Putting the Bible pieces together…

You know…there are many precious truths that come to light when you read the Bible.

The WHOLE Bible.  Especially in time order – you know – CHRONOLOGICALLY – like I’m doing now, 2nd year in a row and I plan to do it for at least the next 27.2 years.

The biggest thing I see is Christ – everywhere.  As a quintessential “Christian kid” steeped in enough religion to inoculate me from catching the real thing with a complete lack of understanding of WHY I believed what I believed, most of the truths I’m seeing now by reading the whole Bible went sailing over my head in a cloud of Christianese.   I firmly believe this is what lead me to be so susceptible to being lead away.    Melanie and I both have vowed that this shall not happen with our kids.  We can’t make them believe, but as Matt Chandler said last week – we can lay enough kindling wood around them (these truths and solid doctrine) and pray our butts off that God comes and ignites the fire.

I’m convinced – if you read God’s word – ALL of it – he will ignite that fire.  He speaks thru His powerful Word.

One of the quick “little” truths I remembered again was in the story of the passover in Exodus 12:1-28.   How much foreshadowing of Christ is in that story?!

  • the sacrificial lamb (Christ was referred to this many times)
  • the lamb must be perfect and without blemish (2 Cor 5:21)
  • God’s chosen people (Israel) were saved by the blood of the lamb, as we are still saved by Christ’s shed blood on the cross
  • What are we saved from?  The wrath of God, as we are now

Romans 5:9 says –

9Since, therefore,(A) we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from(B) the wrath of God.

Not to mention, Christ was crucified during the Passover holiday. (John 19:14, 31)

Doesn’t reading God’s whole word make so much more sense when you can see how all the pieces of his redemptive plan fit together in Christ?

Are you digging in?


One thought on “Putting the Bible pieces together…

  1. what if I only read 68.37% of it …will He still ignite the fire? Just funnin’, I’m right there with you. God speaks and God’s word is his breath/life for us. That’s a ‘piece’ that I didn’t get for a long time.
    Keep it coming!

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