What are you so happy about?

A few years back a co-worker looked at me and said “Are you always like this?”, “Like what” I replied.  “HAPPY”, she said.

Now, don’t go getting the wrong idea, I have my “challenging” days, but I guess most of the time I’m pretty “up” – but it always struck me that someone noticed that.  I don’t feel that I’m a particularly bubbly dude.

To those who understand what Jesus has done for us – there is something to be very happy about, something that brings about a rock solid foundation and assurance.  Today I spent some time in Romans 5:8 —

but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

That word “sinners” means literally “devoted to sin.”  So, while we wanted nothing to do with God and probably didn’t even realize the huge offense our sin is to him, he still paved the way to be reconciled to him thru the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

I love how CJ Mahaney puts this in the “Cross Centered Life”

…the conflict between God and man, only one party has been offended. God has been profoundly and acutely aggrieved by the other party; He Himself is fully innocent, entirely without fault or blame. The other party (all of humanity) is undeniably, categorically, and completely guilty – yet this guilty party doesn’t even care to be reconciled, but is locked in active hostility to the other party. In contrast, God is fully committed to resolution with the violators.

That is something to be happy about, isn’t it?  That is an amazing act of grace and love.  Here’s some more good news, not only has God already done the work – he wants us to come to the knowledge of the truth — check out 1 Tim 2:4

4who desires(C) all people to be saved and(D) to come to(E) the knowledge of the truth.

This should have a tremendous impact on our worship.  When we draw near to God and sing praises to Him we need to focus on the work that God has done to reconcile us to himself – even when we weren’t interested in the least.  When you come to understand that in faith – it’s kinda like “You did this, God?  Already? For me?!” 

THAT should put some spark in our worship.  I was reading Leviticus this AM and in it describes in 23:40 about the Feast of the Booths – that they rejoice before the LORD 7 DAYS.  Seven days of worship.  How about THAT set list, worship leaders?!

…and 7 DAYS!  I start to get the “can we PLEASE sit down look” after our 3rd song in a row where everyone is standing…

Try this – when you go to worship tomorrow- think about the reconciliation God has done thru Christ to bring you to him, to settle the dispute our sin caused, and how he is fully committed and WANTS to be reconciled.  Then…see if you notice how long you are standing up.

…if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to work on a 7-day setlist.  ;p


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