The Alaska Ranger

So, in my house we are all fans of various reality shows…the Discovery Channel can usually hold our attention quite well.

One of such shows that we like is “Deadliest Catch” the chronicles of Alaskan King Crab fishermen in the Bering Sea.  (Yes…we were saddened to hear that Capt Phil died – strange how you grow attached to people you’ve never met…)

So I noticed that there was going to be a special documentary/reality program on the Alaska Ranger – which was a fishing boat that sunk with 47…yes…FORTY SEVEN…crew members on board.

A very well done program – and my son and I were riveted to the screen for the hour.  (OK, more like 42 minutes thank you TIVO).  They saved 42 of the 47 crew members.  The biggest rescue in US Coast Guard history.

The program had close-ups with some of the survivors, and one fellow recalled how he at one point gave in to the thought that he was not going to make it.  He said

I made my peace with God, apologized for everything I had done.

I am continually amazed by these sorts of things.  This man, like probably the vast majority of humanity, knows somewhere deep down in his soul, that there is a God.  When folks are close to death, they attempt to grow close to God.  Despite the fact that they may have been ignoring him most of their lives, but now that they think they will probably go see him face-to-face, it’s time to make peace.  I sincerely hope and pray this fellow will allow God to use this opportunity t0 bring him to know God thru Jesus…

I was at one time, distracted completely from God by this world and my self. Like the rest I was therefore alienated from him because of my sin.  God saved me.  Brought me back to Him. I have made peace with God, and here is how the Bible says to make peace:

Rom 5:1-2 says:

1(A) Therefore, since we have been justified by faith,(B) we[a] have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. 2Through him we have also(C) obtained access by faith[b] into this grace(D) in which we stand, and(E) we[c] rejoice[d] in hope of the glory of God.

Let’s consider those around us, who may be waiting to somehow in the end…make peace with God, let’s be sure we direct them to his Word to tell them how they can do it. Ironically enough, the boat sank on Easter 2008 – the very day Jesus rose from the grave securing life for all those who trust in Him.

Something else very cool on that program with 47 people to rescue from the water, they can’t all fit into one helicopter in one shot. I think only 9 or so at a time could be rescued by helicopter – one of the US Coast Guard rescue swimmers – actually stayed behind floating in the water so that one more person could be saved. (He made it)  He floated in the water, just like the others from the ship, until another helicopter came back.  That’s selfless – Christ-like love.  Christ emptied himself so that we can live thru his sacrifice. (see Phil 2)


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