Wisdom, Prudence, Knowledge, Discretion

 12“I, wisdom, dwell with prudence,
   and I find knowledge and(A) discretion

Wisdom = the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Prov 9:10).  The word in Hebrew connotes “skill” – so if we want skill in life – fear the LORD.  What is fear of the Lord?  Prov 8:13 says it is the “hatred of evil” – in other words sin is a big deal to you.  Now, don’t get crazy on me here – first look at YOUR sin – deal with yourself before a Holy God – go read Matt 18.  Let’s not go pointing fingers until we sit at the cross and do some serious gospel thinking – think how much you have wronged the Holy God of the universe and how much grace, love, and forgiveness he has poured out to you!

Prudence = Hebrew word connotes “shrewdness” — so then operating, if you will, in a shrewd (INTENTIONAL) manner in light of your wisdom.  Are we intentionally operating in wisdom?  I know I don’t all the time.

Knowledge = Prov 9:10b says “Knowledge of the Holy One is insight”  – so primarily KNOW GOD. Read the book that He has revealed Himself in – the BIBLE.  Read good solid books about GOD, not yourself and so much how to improve yourself – read books about God and His attributes, He is the almighty sovereign in control of everything Creator. I hate to go Rick Warren on you, but He created you for a purpose – get to know Him and ask Him what that purpose was.  (Yes, we are created to enjoy God forever…but you know what I mean)

Discretion = KJV translates this at “witty intentions.”  The word here means “purpose, discretion”.  This appears to be the application of wisdom and knowledge, prudently.

So if we pursue Wisdom (which starts with the fear of God) we will also find prudence, knowledge and discretion. 

I, for one, could use a whole lot more of them qualities!  We need to aim to be the man in Prov 9:8b-9


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