WG11 – Thursday (Day 2) – Part 2

So yeah…Day 2 Part 2.  Let’s just say that it just keeps getting better and better.   I like the way this conference is organized – on Thurs and Fri there are general sessions in the morning and evening and seminars in between.

As I mentioned, we have a pretty large group of us here from our church.  Our new Sr. Pastor, Ryan Boys and his wife Lindsay.  Our Executive Pastor, Andy and his wife Laurie and including myself – all three of the Sunday morning worship leaders and their wives.  For WorshipGod13 I’m shooting to bring even MORE!

Here is  a pic of our 2 Pastors – Ryan and Andy and well…me…”the music guy.”  (See if you can see anything unusual in the background…)

Tonight was simply amazing.  I was so excited when I heard that Enfield was going to be there…I was completely psyched.  They rocked.  I mean these guys were just awesome.  The passion, the Christ centered-ness, the rich theological focus, the drummer to end all drummers…I mean, just WOW. What a blessing.  I had the honor of sharing a cup of Joe with our new Sr. Pastor Ryan Boys and John Martin from Enfield and it was a joy.  A true heart for service in the church with Christ preeminent.   Bob K did some pre-conference interviews with the band that he posted on his blog.  He talked with Ryan Foglesong and David Zimmer  and he also spoke with John Martin.

Bob K was great to post the set on his blog:

Glorious and Mighty (Todd Twining/Joel Sczebel/Bob Kauflin)
Jesus Shall Reign (Traditional, additional lyrics and music Ryan Foglesong)
Come Ye Sinners (Traditional)
And Can It Be (Traditional)
The Power of the Cross (Keith Getty/Stuart Townend)
Jesus Thank You (Pat Sczebel)
Eternal Praise (Ryan Foglesong)

How Firm a Foundation (Traditional)

Tonight we get to hear from one of my favorite teachers – Thabiti Anyabwile – who has the awful job of suffering for Jesus at the First Baptist Church in Grand Cayman.  Some guys just have it rough.  Thabiti is also a regular blogger on the Gospel Coalition blogsite.  One of the things that is such a blessing is the brotherhood in Christ that these men share.  Thabiti shared that Ray Ortlund Jr (I think it was Ray) asked him “How is your soul?” – a great question from the heart of a pastor – one that I have taken to asking as well. Great stuff.

[NOTE: Sovereign Grace posted the audio of the message here]

Thabiti took us thru 1 Tim 4 and 5 when he listed out the various ministry types – private ministry (1 Tim 4:7-10); public ministry (1 Tim 4:11-16) and personal ministry (1 Tim 5).  He camped on the second one – public ministry.

He walked us thru verses 11-16 –

  • v11 – Command and teach these things – be centered on the word of God – it is our authority in the church
  • v12 – Set an example – everything we do up front teaches, don’t let anyone look down on you for your youth, the importance of everything we do being in line with the Word.  (Titus 2:7-8)
    • “Too many men are ministers before they are Christians” (Baxter)
    • “Way to stop them from looking down on you is to have them look up at you”
  • v13 – Saturate the meeting with the Word – read/exhort/teach; don’t neglect the relationship between the Word and the music (Col 3:16)
    • Push the word of Christ deeper into their hearts – be very intentional in reading and tying in with music – center them on the Word
  • v14 – Do not neglect the gifts we have been given – use them responsibly in service to the body
  • v15 – Practice these things – practice = progress; the test of grace – what do we do when…
  • v16 – The word is means of our perspective –
    • Don’t pull down with the left hand what the right hand builds up.  (Spurgeon?)
    • Live it – in and out of the pulpit
    • Only a persevering faith is a strong faith

What a great night!  What will be in store for us tomorrow?


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