Keeping a bad plan going? Stop it.

Sometimes, let’s face it, we get ahead of ourselves. I’m guilty of *occasionally* not thinking thru all the elements of a plan. Maybe even pressing on with a bad plan just for the sake of pressing on. You ever do that? Naaa. I didn’t think so…

In Isaiah 30, the prophet is warning Israel that their plan is one such plan. He says “Ah, stubborn children…who carry out a plan, but not mine, and who make an alliance , but not of my spirit, that they add sin to sin.”

In context, they are looking to the military might of Egypt as their hope of salvation, not the God who created them and formed their nation. Stubborn.

What’s the solution? Stop. Turn around. Cease executing the bad plan. More appropriately – stop sinning and repent (turn and change direction). Look at verse 15 – “In repentance and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” Our hope should not and cannot be in ourselves, our bad plans, or trusting in others. Our hope and trust needs to be in God, specifically in Jesus Christ and the action required on our part is to cease execution of our own bad plan (doing it our way) and turn and run God’s plan in our lives. In short – turn from sin and pursue righteousness – our verse just told us there is salvation and peace. This is because of Jesus.

We serve a God of incredible mercy and grace (he invented those words!). Verse 18 tells us he is waiting to be gracious and merciful towards us. What is he waiting for? For you to stop it with your bad plan and turn in his direction and run his plan…


One thought on “Keeping a bad plan going? Stop it.

  1. So when black and white fade to gray… what do you do? When you wonder, “am I being deceived by the angel of light?” or am I standing up for something right and reasonable; good, even if temporal. Do we toss all temporal things to the trash heap or do we dig in our heels for strengthened avenues of justice in this temporal space we live in?
    It’s not that I don’t want to stop, repent and follow God’s plan… it’s the plan details that often elude me. Many seem to believe we don’t have any participation in this world (barring enjoyment of its titillating pleasures), but too many brothers of decades and centuries past don’t seem to concur. (see Bonhoeffer, the Puritans,..)
    So, I keep thinking and trying to reflect God’s character in the events of day to day life and governance living in the USA, but I honestly wonder if my past influences are biblical and if my current thinking is biblical. One thing I would say is that I don’t feel like I’m in the center of evangelical Christianity as it appears to me today.
    My pastor very recently cautioned me to be wary of my heart motives and I take that to ‘heart’ very carefully, thus my response to your blog post.

    Peace to you, brother.

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