Haiti Day 7

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day here!

Today was Day 4 of our 5 Day VBS/ESL and we are really starting to develop relationships with these kids. The craft today was personal little chalk boards that some of the kids then wrote “I Love You” and our names on them!

We also saw one of the most touching moments of the week today. As we were feeding those in the community, I noticed a little boy not eating his food. He looked very sad and had tears in his eyes, so I went over to him. At first I though he may have been sad that his food was too hot to eat. That wasn’t the case, so I called over our translator, Thomas who asked him why he was so sad. The boy told Thomas that his sister didn’t get in yet, and he was worried that she wouldn’t get any food today. After drying our eyes, we quickly went outside to find his sister and bring her in to eat next to her brother. This is something we have seen many times in Haiti, brothers and sisters caring for each other.

Thank you for your prayers for our health, I think we are all past the intestinal bugs. Looking forward to our last day tomorrow and getting back to home!

Happy 4th!





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