Jamaica Days 1-3(ish)

Team Jamaica is doing well! As I write this I hear the sounds of the song “Let It Go” being sung (screamed?) at dangerous levels and the chaos one would expect from a game of “spoons”. We truly have a great group of kids with us!

We are staying at a mission house of the local church we are working at. We are sleeping several to a room in bunks under the magic of mosquito nets, and the normal comforts of home are pretty much in “Hurricane Sandy Mode” – a bucket for flushing your business (ring the bell!) and brushing your teeth with bottled/filtered water. Showers are thankfully available, but mostly outside and with a single (and somewhat low) water spigot.

Each day we travel via our bus to the church about 5 mins away. The church also has a school and we are painting all the class rooms while the children are away for Summer. It is hot, the work is hard, and we have seen many spiders and roaches the size of small automobiles- but God is at work here. The community is very poor with many family challenges, and the church is doing a good work.

Tomorrow night we will be attending the weekly Wed service at church and the Pastor has asked me to share from Gods word. Pray for me and us that we build up the church here.

We would love for you to continue to pray for us. Pray that we complete the work, pray for our hearts to grow in godliness and pray for the church and the people here.

We love and miss all of you!



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