Jamaica Departing Thoughts

As I sit here in the Montego Bay airport with my 17 other team members (and a 4 hr flight delay), it is cause for reflection.

This week was good in so many ways. Let’s look at a few.

First off, the team was good – these are some great kids we went with. Seriously, everyone worked hard, played hard, laughed even harder, and there was no drama to be seen or heard! Let’s not forget the conditions definitely were not ideal, so that is extraordinary. I am so proud of them. This was such a great representation of our a God – in the unity of our team.

Second, Jamaica is a good and beautiful place. Amazing water, crazy lush forests, and even mountains. Pray for rain though, they are in the middle of a major drought. The people are beautiful here too. One thing, among many, that struck me was sometimes you will here a Jamaican say “Respect, mon.” Quite simply, they are telling you they respect you. Coming out of the church one afternoon after work, a man on the sidewalk looked at me and said that. It was touching that he saw us helping the church and he respected that. Pray for him and others we met that they might come to faith in Jesus.

Third, it was good that we helped another church. We saw lives that had been changed by the work of God thru Anotto Gospel Chapel. When we build up the local church, the work can continue stronger when we leave. Pray for Pastor Thomas, Sister Velda, the Elders and people of the church.

Finally however, as good as Jamaica is, it is broken in many ways with much suffering and poverty. Pray for relief and healing. I’m reminded, as in Haiti, that physical needs do need to be taken care of. People need food, clothing, and shelter- but more than that, they need spiritual healing from sin and that can only come thru the cross. Pray that the gospel continues to make inroads and many come to faith.





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