Israel 2019: Last Day

Welp, it’s finally here: our last day.  And WHAT a day it was.

First, I just dumped 70 more photos onto the Google Photos page.  So…have at ’em.

One of the highlights of the whole trip was today’s visit to Nazereth, Jesus’ home town, and it was grand.  It was a mini-replica of all things New Testament times and there were so many things to enjoy and learn, even though my brain hurts and is swollen.

We saw a replica of a working village – complete with biblical characters, an olive press worked by a donkey, a carpenter’s shop, pottery shop, a replica of a tomb like Jesus’…but the highlight of this highlight was the replica of a synagogue.

My friend Ryan blessed me by asking me to read the section of Luke 4 where Jesus enters the synagogue at Nazareth and reads Isaiah 61 from the scrolls…only to then claim it as pertaining to himself and thus publicly stating he is the Messiah. [photo creds to the abnormally talented Hunter Stevens for snagging this pic. Seriously, check out his pictures from this trip, crazy good eye.  #gpbcisreal on FB/IG]


This indeed was a special moment, one that gave depth and profound intensity as we thought about that moment.

We then went to Megiddo, where there were many epic battles from the 15th century BC to WWI in the valley there, and boatloads of history there.


Our final stop was Caesarea, which again…another city just jammed with centuries of history, and is just gorgeous.  Sitting right on the Mediterranean Sea. Built by Herod the Great about 25BC.  So many sites within that spot.  Aqueducts, a hippodrome [think first century NASCAR], a theater, the remains of Herod’s Palace and so much more.



This trip has been AMAZING.  I’m sure we will be processing all these things for years to come and we are already talking about the next trip…probably in a few years, so start saving your shekels.

A giant thank you to the Highlands family and all the many ways you have made this trip possible for us.  We are blessed beyond measure and can’t wait to share all the many lessons with you soon!

…and now for a 12 hr flight home! 🙂



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