About me, eh?

Born and bred NJ person.  (I know…but it’s not as bad as you think)

Married to a wonderfully beautiful wife, Melanie and now have 2 wonderful kids that keep things interesting and constantly act as agents of the Holy Spirit in sanctifying me. We are also a licensed NJ foster home.

I am the Pastor of the Highlands Bible Church, in Vernon, NJ.  We are a church plant of the Green Pond Bible Chapel, launched Easter of 2016.

I spent close to 15 years in corporate America as a Project Manager, mostly in the publishing industry,  and I still do consulting on the side to help out. (Which means I like spreadsheets, time management, and checklists….)

I received my MDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Life is busy and we serve a great big sovereign GOD!

As Milton Vincent wrote – “I don’t deserve any of this, even on my best day; but this is my salvation, and herein I stand. Thank you, Jesus.”



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Read your comment on Ed Stetzer’s site when he was commenting on Barna’s end of 2009 report.

    Agreed with your assessment on biblical literacy.

    I was biblically illiterate … and didn’t know it… and then I met Chuck Missler. As a technical type… I would think that you would probably be very blessed to learn some things from this guy. He was a Branch Chief for the Division of Guided Missiles for the Navy. He built the first international computer network when he worked for Ford Motor Co.

    Look for him at

    Particularly look for the 66/40 Radio show link… he’s currently teaching on the Book of Daniel.


  2. Mike…beautiful description of you and your family…I am blessed to know you and your family…you are a true servant and love seeing your updates…I absolutely LOVE the quote from Milton Vincent…I might just steal it…:)

  3. Hello, Mike!

    My name is Lydia Hoyle — P&R Publishing’s marketing associate. I could not find direct contact information, so I hope this is appropriate.

    I was wondering if you would be interested in doing book reviews for our publications. I have been reading some of your posts, and your insights and ideas are great.

    If you’re interested, let me know.


    Lydia Hoyle

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