Thinking Thankfully

Today is Thanksgiving and with all holidays, for some folks today brings joy and anticipation (can you say cranberry sauce and stuffing? Football? Seeing family, throwing around little nephews, and perhaps even a nap?) and for others it brings none of those things in parenthesis and maybe even sadness and despair. Yet…God’s Word instructs us […]

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Adoption and the Gospel

My family has been a licensed NJ Foster Home for a while now, in that time we have seen many kids come through our door.  Some only needing to stay a short time, others several months, and maybe one day (perhaps in the near future) we will be faced with the very real question of […]

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Miry Bog and Psalm 40

So, today…we went fishing…a GORGEOUS NJ day for it…I only caught 2 tiny smallmouths…but I did the chance to spend the morning hours with my son, Mikey and good buddy Brian. At one point, we nosed in to the shoreline and took a walk to another remote pond…however they had drew down the lake, so […]

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Yesterday, a dear family friend went home to be with Jesus.  Val was very special to us – oftentimes the way to a parent’s heart is thru their children and “Miss Val” loved children, she loved our children, both Mikey and Morgan had her in Sunday School.  She was a source of light and joy […]

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It is really nice…

to have Melanie home.  C’mon.  You knew I was going to go there after all the whining I’ve done about her being gone. It’s nice to have food in the house, to have the kids not be shuffled around all the time.  I’m quite certain the dog is much happier not having to wait 14 […]

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Update from Romania!

Update from Romania! Melanie just called me (it’s 6:33am Wed)…from a field in beautiful Romania on a borrowed cell phone.  (I think she bribed one of the kids there somehow…):-) It was great to hear from her! She only had a few minutes. She wanted me to pass along that everything is going very well.  […]

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Praying for Mel

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough, my wife is serving on a short terms missions trip to Romania until Sunday!  This is good for her and the kingdom…bad for me, because I miss her and I’m out of clean socks. On my wife’s Prayer Calendar today it says “Persevere in Warfare” and the scripture […]

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Yay! An update from Romania – 1

How cool is the Internet?! Mel must have found a cyber-cafe, I was very happy to have received an e-mail update from her: Hello! It is Sunday afternoon here about 1:00 and we are at the home of a lovely couple, Daniel and Adina.  We spent yesterday getting prepared for the medical clinic and evangelizing.  […]

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I love my wife.

I really do. I met her the 2nd day of college and figured she was way out of my league. LOL! She is beautiful, she is my soul mate, my life partner, an amazing mom…and a woman of God. I know you are probably thinking a few possible responses to my declaration. “That’s nice for […]

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Here’s a scary thought…

As a parent, I do worry about my kids spending too much time online. Evidently, I’m not alone.  According to this article kids are spending a ton of time online. Now that summer is upon us…there is even more time for them to spend. “Look, Mom! No Homework!” Here are some nuggets: Over the past […]

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