Israel Day 3 – Jerusalem, Part 2

Google pictures UPDATED with today’s photo barrage. Back to Jerusalem!  Today, we got dropped off in the Old City and basically never left all day.  We walked from one side to the other – through all four quarters – Jewish, Christian, Aremian, and Muslim.  Really the only way you knew where you were was by […]

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Israel Day 2 – Jerusalem

So…again…WOW.  It’s hard to describe everything that you see, hear, smell and experience when you are walking thru Jerusalem for the first time. Before we begin:  Click HERE for all the photos!  I took TONS… First, we stopped at an observation point to get a look at the city from a higher elevation.  The first […]

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Israel 2019 – Departure!

I’ve been preparing for our Israel trip by reading Augustine’s Confessions.  [Doesn’t everyone?] OK, it’s not totally strange, as for the past few days in all the controlled chaos of shopping, collecting supplies, packing…I’ve tried to determine what I’m going to do/read in the 10+ hours of travel.  And I got hooked on this book.  It’s […]

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Processing the Las Vegas Shooting

I have the chance to speak to the students at Veritas Christian Academy at their chapel service this week.  Here’s what I plan to share and how I’m trying to process the Las Vegas shooting in my own spirit.  The worst mass shooting in US History.  You can’t even wrap your mind around it. As expected […]

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