Lessons from the Spartan Race

Yesterday, I ran a Spartan Sprint race with my daughter Morgan. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a Spartan race is…this is the “Intro” one called a “Sprint.” It was 5.2 miles with 20 obstacles…not the least of which were crawling under barbed wire in the dust and rocks for what seemed like […]

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Ignoring God = Idolatry?

For the last few years, idolatry has been a big buzz word in chruchy circles.  As a Pastor, I have even thought to myself sometimes: “Oh boy, here I go again…beating on the same idolatry drum.” It is still true, that anything we hold higher than God in our affections and priority is an idol and […]

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Haiti Day 5 = Chaos (and Bools)

So.  Yeah. Friday’s during Haiti VBS are nuts! Reason being…the kids all expect us to give them presents in the last day. We certainly has our share of soccer balls (about 50) and various other things…but when you have a couple hundred kids that doesn’t go very far.  Chaos is a good word to describe […]

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Haiti – Day 1: We Made It!

 This is the view from the veranda! It is a beautiful mission house and a beautiful breeze and keep things nice and cool! Praise God we had problem-free travel! Everything was so smooth. We are is settling in to the house here at Deep  River Mission.  We are looking forward to tomorrow where we will […]

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Listen Up

All of the Bible tells one story – God’s Big Story of who He is, His creation, our sinful rebellion against His Lordship, and His tremendous love in pursuing us to be reconciled.  It also points to a future hope – all of us know that this life with its cancer, personal conflicts, school closings, […]

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