Are the Gospels Reliable? An Intro

I’m a Christian.  These days, I’ll admit…even as a Pastor, that I say that statement with a trace of fear and intimidation in my heart, because I know that being a Christian is not highly regarded these days.  Generally, people don’t like Christians very much.  Fair enough, some Christians haven’t been the best examples of […]


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Israel 2019: Last Day

Welp, it’s finally here: our last day.  And WHAT a day it was. First, I just dumped 70 more photos onto the Google Photos page.  So…have at ’em. One of the highlights of the whole trip was today’s visit to Nazereth, Jesus’ home town, and it was grand.  It was a mini-replica of all things […]

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Days 7.25 and 8 [ish]

[Google Photos page updated] We started Tuesday with a morning hike up Mount Arbel, which provided amazing views of everything below. The group is continually struck by how people used to live – like climbing a mountain is NBD to them. People were used to their environment.  We come in from America and wonder how […]

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Israel Day 5 – Tombs

Today was Tomb Day – specifically the Garden Tomb and also the Church of the Sepulchre.  Both of which are traditionally held to be the possible place where Jesus’ tomb is today…for different reasons. First the Garden Tomb.  Such a beautiful and peaceful place.  We took a time of meditation and prayer before going in, […]

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