Are the Gospels Reliable? An Intro

I’m a Christian.  These days, I’ll admit…even as a Pastor, that I say that statement with a trace of fear and intimidation in my heart, because I know that being a Christian is not highly regarded these days.  Generally, people don’t like Christians very much.  Fair enough, some Christians haven’t been the best examples of […]

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God of Our Own Understanding

Several times this week I’ve been confronted by others perspectives on God.  At an AA meeting, celebrating a friend’s sobriety, I heard testimony from others about how they trusted in God – “as they understood Him.”  A best-selling book has become a movie and will most likely make millions – but yet it portrays God in a […]

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Refocusing from the Post-Pastoral Haze

So. Yeah. This past Tuesday night I became a Pastor. Officially voted in. Some emotions include: humbled, joyful, numb, scared, excited, anxious, ready-to-get-going, did I mention humbled? I have a blurred memory that night of people asking me how I was feeling (perhaps I looked shocked or sick?) and my response was “Um…kinda numb right […]

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All of the Bible points to Jesus

Reading in Luke 24, and John 21-21 today…talking about the resurrection of Jesus. Besides the totally amazing nature of that in an of itself, the other thing that struck me was the prominence of the Scriptures and how it is explained in these passages. All of the Bible points to Jesus. Luke 24:27 says “And […]

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