Jamaica 2014… T-Minus 2 days!

Last year, it was Haiti…this year we’ll be a mere 119 miles away in Jamaica. This Sunday, we are taking 19 people (13 high school students, 5 leaders, 1 local expert) to Annotto Bay, Jamaica to support the Annotto Bay Gospel Chapel with some building projects and hopefully help with evangelism in the local area. The team […]

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Haiti Day 7

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day here! Today was Day 4 of our 5 Day VBS/ESL and we are really starting to develop relationships with these kids. The craft today was personal little chalk boards that some of the kids then wrote “I Love You” and our names on them! We […]

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Haiti Day 6

Day 6. Yeah. It’s safe to say that while we definitely aren’t losing enthusiasm for these precious kids, we are feeling the drain a bit! Several of us are battling I intestinal “things.” Please pray for us to get on the mend quickly. Today’s VBS went very well. After singing (wait til you see the […]

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Haiti Day 5

Day 5 in Haiti, Day 2 of VBS. Today we started in the courtyard with singing and a great message from the Word from the one, the only John Voigt. John challenged those who were listening that God is aware of their physical needs, but there is a need that is greater – our spiritual […]

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Haiti Day 4

Today was our first day of vacation Bible School, and like all first days, it was a little chaotic and a little crazy, but we found some important schedule tweaks that we can make for tomorrow to make things run a bit smoother. Overall it was awesome! The children are just so unbelievably precious. They […]

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Haiti Day 3

Today being Sunday, we visited a local church that is in progress of being built, and attended their service. It was kind of a strange experience for me because I did not understand a single word that was being said or sung, yet still some of the songs were familiar. We walked into a hearty […]

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Haiti Day 2

Today just to show you how crazy this place is, we walked up the hill directly behind our hotel to a mountaintop village where close to 5000 Haitians call home. We sang a few songs drew a big crowd and then I had the really cool experience of proclaiming the gospel through an interpreter. When […]

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Tomorrow…we’ll be in Haiti

Which is really strange to get my (bald) head around.  I will be transported, hopefully without incident, to a place I’ve never been and only can imagine how different it will be from what I know. We will be working with a church/school conducting a Vacation Bible School in the mornings, teaching ESL and doing […]

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