A Worship Problem

You may have heard me say it a lot – worship is not only just singing.  In fact, singing is a very small percent of worship – we worship with our entire being and person.  We are all created to be worshipers, therefore we all worship something – so what is it? God created the […]

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One of the biggest things that biblical counselors try to do by God’s grace is impart hope.  Not of ourselves, but hope in a person – Jesus Christ.  I will frequently ask people “How is your hope-o-meter?”  Yes, it’s kind of a silly question, but it’s a way to gauge how hopeful they are.   Usually, […]

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Fixing after Faith…

In prepping for some upcoming premarital counseling that Melanie and I are doing this weekend, I have been focusing on the gospel.  I know…you are shocked, it’s so unlike me.  :-). But specifically, the power of God in the gospel of Jesus as designed to cut thru the fog of the worst of the worst […]

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What are you so happy about?

A few years back a co-worker looked at me and said “Are you always like this?”, “Like what” I replied.  “HAPPY”, she said. Now, don’t go getting the wrong idea, I have my “challenging” days, but I guess most of the time I’m pretty “up” – but it always struck me that someone noticed that.  […]

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Don’t Get Bogged in Leviticus

Hey all you chrono-readers! Chin up! I know we are in Leviticus and I know it is pages upon pages of detailed (sometimes kinda gross) laws…but don’t get bogged down! All of scripture is written to point to Jesus (Luke 24:27). The sacrifices and all the laws are made to be a shadow of the […]

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Marks of the true Christian

I came across this amazing list of commands from the Apostle Paul in Romans 12:9-20 today…seemed like a good exercise to list them out. My Bible has a heading that says “Marks of the True Christian.”  I need work on some of these, how about you? Let love be genuine Abhor what is evil Hold […]

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