What is “more than a conqueror?”

As I was meeting with another fellow this morning for discipleship, prayer, fellowship and food (some of my very favorite things!) – something in a book we were going thru together really struck me. We have been working thru “Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper. He has a very helpful section to understand Romans […]

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Praying for “God’s Will”

“God’s will” is a hugely misunderstood term in Christianese. Back when I had hair, going thru all the youth groups I was lead to believe that God’s will was a super secret mission that only you could do for God and you had to find out what this secret mission was – you had to […]

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Discipline of Grace – Part 1

It’s a double blog kinda day!  Perhaps it’s all the coffee (I just had to make more coffee for my precious wife, lest she soon awake and find that I have in fact drank the first pot…) I love Jerry Bridges.  I have for quite some time.  (Pursuit of Holiness, Gospel for Real Life, Respectable […]

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