VoV – The All Good

I have been re-discovering the Valley of Vision prayers lately.  Each time I do this, I wonder why I don’t read it every day.  (Forehead smacking soon follows) Today I read “The All Good” – I’ve re-worded it below – updated the translation a bit, hopefully this still captures the main ideas: My God, you […]

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We all have a past, some have more colorful pasts than others. I, unfortunately, have a very colorful past. Recently, I’ve been rather painfully walking thru it, as God has been further working on me thru a trial. Today, the Lord brought to mind, thanks in part to my good friend, John Piper, Col 2:13-14 […]

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In the Valley

I have been a fan of the “Valley of Vision” for a while now – I love to read it in the morning…usually right before I go to prayer and reading the Word. I’m going thru a season now…a bit of a painful season. God is really digging up some painful things – that he […]

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