Psalm 15 – Morning Punch in the Face

I got stuck in Psalm 15 this morning…OK, more like “I got punched in the face by Psalm 15 this morning.”  It’s only 5 verses…but yikes.

The question is in verse 1 “Who shall sojourn in your tent, who shall dwell on your holy hill?”  As ESV study note says it is really asking what the “ideal worshiper of the Lord” would be…of course it goes on to tell us what that person is and is not…

  • Walks blamelessly (your faith and life match)
  • Does what is right (you live out the will of God – he tells us what that is…it’s called “The Bible” – keep reading.  Do it.)
  • Speak truth in your heart (in other words…your THOUGHTS.  Are they truth?  See 2 Cor 10:5)
  • Do not slander (you do not slander someone, nor participate in hearing or receiving slander against another brother/sister)
  • Do no evil to your neighbor
  • Take no reproach against a friend (look down upon, cast shame on, be overly critical always of, taunt, scorn)
  • Despise the vile, honor the godly (do not value Godlessness – value Godliness)
  • Keep your word – even if it hurts
  • Deal honestly with money

Here’s the promise – “He who does these things shall never be moved.” (…never be shaken up, fall…in other words you will be stable, strong, and steadfast…)

This is the kind of worshiper God is looking for.  I got some work to do, how about you?

This is the power of God’s word.  Many ask “what is the will of God for my life.”  He just told you.  Start with Psalm 15.  Walk it out.

Note that this is not earning salvation…Christ has done the work on the cross to earn our right standing with God.  We are justified by faith in Christ – and we walk out our faith by living like Psalm 15!


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